Meet the Team


Angus Dow, Stoke Rochford Golf Club.

"I have known Nick all his life and given him golf lessons since before he started school.

Nick has always had a good ability to play golf and a positive attitude towards tuition and improving his game.


Becoming a category one golfer as a gangly teenager, Nick has moved on somewhat and blossomed into a very competent, powerful and consistent golfer.


Now that Nick has turned professional, I think it is only a matter of time before he makes a breakthrough ands wins, as I know how well he can play.
Hopefully we will see Nick achieve the next level in his golfing career


Practice Facilities & Support:-

Stoke Rochford Golf Club has been the place where I have learnt to play golf from the age of 3.

The support from the club and the members has been superb and unquestionable.


Where ever I play golf, it is always nice to go back and meet great friends at Stoke Rochford.


Visit Stoke Rochford Golf Club for a great round of Golf!


Main Sponsor:- are a great help with support throughout the year.

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Paul Farquharson

Paul is a physiotherapist from Spectrum Physiotherapy who has helped with fitness plans and Physio support to keep me at a peak of fitness.