Meet the Team


Angus Dow, Head Professional at Stoke Rochford Golf Club.

"I have known Nick all his life and given him golf lessons since before he started school.

Nick has always had a good ability to play golf and a positive attitude towards tuition and improving his game.


Becoming a category one golfer as a gangly teenager, Nick has moved on somewhat and blossomed into a very competent, powerful and consistent golfer.


Now that Nick has turned professional, I think it is only a matter of time before he makes a breakthrough ands wins, as I know how well he can play.
Hopefully 2016 will see Nick achieve the next level in his golfing career


Practice Facilities & Support:-

Stoke Rochford Golf Club has been the place where I have learnt to play golf from the age of 3.

The support from the club and the members has been superb and unquestionable.


Where ever I play golf, it is always nice to go back and meet great friends at Stoke Rochford.


Visit Stoke Rochford Golf Club for a great round of Golf!


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Paul Farquharson

Paul is a physiotherapist from Spectrum Physiotherapy who has helped with fitness plans and Physio support to keep me at a peak of fitness.


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