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About me

So what a year it has been! 2020 is a year you will never forget but for all the wrong reasons. Due to Covid-19 the Europro Tour got cancelled and not one event was played. However I managed to get out and play on some mini tours which have been great to keep that competitive edge going. Also with the extra time with not playing on tour every week has given me time to put the hours in practising and working on a few changes with different aspects to my game. I have seen a great improvement with doing this. 

Building up to the 2021 season I will be looking to further improve my game and when my tournaments start up again to be able to hit the ground running and get off to a great start and to keep progressing throughout the year.

2021 goals are to win on the Europro and gain a top 5 place in the order of merit, therefore gaining a challenge tour card, but we don't want to stop there, I also will be going to European Tour Q School at the end of the year and will be pushing to securing playing rights on the European tour for 2022.

Nick 2020 1st
Open 2nd Stage Practice
Winning Faldo Series at Notts GC
18th Tee Box El Saler-Perfect Finish!
Midland Open Champion
Seville GC
Open 2nd Stage -Royal Cinque Ports
Nick meets Nick!
Lincs Boys-Midland Champions
No1 Fan-Mum
Rhead Carlton Champion

The Fantastic 18th Hole  at Parador de El Saler, Valencia, Spain.

Venue:-European Tour School

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